We cover the South- East and have offices in: London 0800 634 3227 and Brighton 01273 620 680. Call us for a friendly chat now.


Our recruitment and training process ensures that our care team are appropriately qualified and screened. Of equal importance, we ensure that each of our team members shares our commitment to kindness, dignity, and respect. This is part of our commitment to you – and we ensure every member of our team share our values.

We are experienced experts in recruiting and selecting only the very best carers. Our well-respected name throughout the industry means we attract the highest standard of staff.


All our care and support team are hand selected by our dedicated and experienced recruitment team. We only select carers or personal assistants that show a proven background in caring for clients in a professional care setting. They have each demonstrated that they are passionate in caring for and supporting people in their own homes.

We ask that our team display kindness, willingness, compassion, and respect, always.


Once a carer has passed our thorough selection, screening and interview process we then carry out the necessary checks. These include a recent and updated police check (CRB/DBS), professional reference checking, character referencing, qualifications and personal identification verification. Self- employed carers will be registered with a unique tax reference number to ensure they declare their earnings to HMRC. Drivers license and insurance documents are checked (if required).


We recommend all our carers hold the following qualifications: (additionally most hold the prestigious Health and Care Diploma)
All clients will be sent a list of the training the individual carer holds in our carers profile.

  • Safer People Handling training.
  • Basic First Aid
  • Food, Fluids, and Nutrition
    (The Care Certificate or equivalent)
  • Role of the Carer
  • Professional development
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Working in a person -centered way
  • Handling information
  • Health and Safety and fire training
  • Safeguarding adults
  • Following individual care plans
  • Safeguarding adults
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s training
  • Medication administration
  • Privacy and dignity training
  • Code of conduct for carers 2015
  • Aims and objectives
  • Recognizing and promoting independence
  • Catheter training and continence awareness
  • The care regulations
  • Action in emergency
  • Policies and procedures
  • Following individual care plans


Many of our live-in carers drive and have their own car, or hold a British drivers licence. If you require a carer that can drive please let us know, we will then add that information to your personalised matching criteria. A carer can escort you in their own car, alternatively if you prefer they can drive your car. Insurances would need to be put in place before you travel in any vehicle driven by your carer.


For both our Managed Service and our Introduction Service our team members are flexible to a range of working patterns. Generally, we would look for carers who would like to work on a long -term basis or two weeks on then have two weeks off. This would be on an ongoing rotation with the same client generally on a long- term basis, as this assures continuity which is ideal for both clients and carers.

Some carers prefer to work much longer assignments for three-six months or maybe longer. If you are looking only for short term care or respite we will match you with one single carer who can carry your entire assignment. Please talk to us and give us your preferred requirements.

The law states that all carers must have a two- hour break at some point during the day.


Our head office is in London and we have an additional office in Brighton. We have chosen this location so that we are centrally located for the areas across the south of England, where we offer our services. Many clients live in rural settings throughout the south east, usually within a two- hour drive of our offices. We come out and meet you for an initial assessment, we are then available to provide you with guidance and support. If needed we can come out to visit you, however we find that the majority of issues can be sorted out over the telephone.


Our Principles and Values – Paramount Live-In Care insist on the very highest standards from our care and management team. We believe in and deliver our company moto every single day “Where there is a person there is opportunity for kindness”. We are committed to support and care for each of our clients and ensure they can continue to live their life with dignity, respect, and independence.

Privacy and Dignity –We put clients privacy and dignity at the forefront of our service. Our clients have the right to live the way they want and to make their own lifestyle choices. We ensure all care and support is undertaken with dignity and respect always.


Supporting Independence –all members of our care team fully understand that allowing clients to carry out all the tasks they wish to continue to carry out is both liberating and an essential part of any care package.


Medication – All members of our care team have undertaken full medication training and are authorized to assist with the administration of medication in your home. We will undertake a risk assessment and a medication record sheet will be left at your property if required.


Confidentiality – Any information we hold regarding our clients is strictly private and confidential and we continue to maintain our position of trust. Some information will be shared with your care giver or other professionals such as your doctor to ensure we can continue to provide the on-going care support you need.


Legal Rights- All clients will be asked to sign a contract or terms of service before we commence their care package. This will state all of your legal rights and our responsibilities.

Gift Policy – Paramount Live-in Care does not recommend clients offer their care givers any type of gift or extra financial reward. This can confuse the professional boundaries that should be in place.

Smoking – Paramount Live-in Care strongly advises all members of the care team not to smoke whilst with a client. Members of the care team must never smoke inside a client’s property.

Telephone and Internet Access- Your carer will have their own mobile phone. Carers must not use a client’s phone unless it is to call Paramount Live-In Care or another body relating to the client. Most carers will have their own laptop and we would ask that the client provides internet access to all live- in carers. We can help with this if required.


Complaints - Should you ever feel you need to make a complaint we have a detailed complaints policy and procedure that is fair and easy to understand. If you are unhappy with the service you have received from Paramount Live-in Care, you can make a complaint or raise your concerns. Doing this will not affect your current or future care. Your complaint will be treated confidentially and sensitively and we will respond as soon as possible.

  1. Many problems can be resolved quickly and easily by talking to the member of staff involved with your care. Tell them what is worrying you and they will try to find a solution or tell you the best person to speak to.
  2. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, ask to speak to the manager of the service.

If your concerns can’t be immediately resolved, we can register them as a formal complaint. We will acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 24 hours.


Safeguarding - The aims of adult safeguarding is to:

  • Prevent abuse.
  • Stop abuse or neglect wherever possible.
  • Prevent harm and reduce the risk of abuse or neglect to adults with care and support needs.
  • Safeguard adults in a way that supports them in making choices and having control about how they want to live.
  • Promote an approach that concentrates on improving life for the adults concerned.
  • Raise public awareness so that professionals play their part in preventing, identifying and responding to abuse and neglect.
  • Provide information and support in accessible ways to help people understand the different types of abuse, how to stay safe and how to Raise a Concern (Alert) about the safety and wellbeing of an adult.
  • Address what caused the abuse or neglect.

Duty of Care:

Everyone has a clear moral and/or professional responsibility to prevent or act on incidents or concerns of abuse. A duty of care to adults at risk is fulfilled when all the acts reasonably expected of a person in their role have been carried out with appropriate care, attention, and prudence. Duty of care will involve actions to keep a person safe but will also include respecting the person’s wishes and protecting and respecting their rights. The nature of an individual’s duty of care will vary according to their role. In all cases, however, it will involve taking allegations or concerns seriously, and owning one’s responsibilities to safeguard adults at risk.

A full list of our Policies and Procedures are available should wish to read them.

All our care team are issued with a care team handbook that states all of our on-duty rules and regulations. All cares are informed that they must have this along with their ID badge whilst on duty.