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Multiple Sclerosis

Planning your care or have questions

We offer our services to clients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and understand that living with MS can be very complex for everyone involved, including carers and family. Homecare is a particularly important source of practical help. Occupational Therapists can provide aids and adaptations to the home, carers can help with daily tasks and needs, day care and respite care.

If a family member is the main carer in place we can offer short-term care designed to give both carers and clients with MS a break from the usual routine of caring and being cared for.

It’s essential that everyone involved has the support they need. A complete care package is provided via the various services we offer.

Such a care package should address physical symptoms, psychological difficulties, as well as delivering financial and practical help. Find out more at https://www.mssociety.org.uk

Paramount Live-in Care services provide support in your home and can provide reassurance and relief to people severely affected by MS.

People affected by MS often say that their quality of life is greatly reduced. Depending on others for care can mean life can become isolated. There are many day centers or groups available in most areas. Your local MS society branch can give advice. Families, carers and friends can also find that stress and frustration increase. These problems can be minimized if everyone makes the effort to ensure that quality of life is maintained. Technology has advanced, meaning that simple adaptions can now be made to your home to make life easier.