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What is live in Care?

Live-in care means a professional, vetted and fully trained carer stays with you in your home, night, and day. They, provide you with the care and support that you need, from the comfort of your own familiar surroundings.

The care and support provided is tailored to reflect your individual needs and we will provide you with a personalized care plan detailing all your specific requirements and preferences. Live-in care is cost effective and can be financially compared to having multiple care visits throughout the day. As you remain in your own home, you continue to benefit from the increase in the price of your house. As your carer is happy to undertake most household tasks, you can also save money on any additional help or assistance you already have in place, for example a cleaner or a shopper.

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Live-in care in the news:

Everyone is aware of the current worrying and deepening care crisis that hits the news daily. Recent news reports have warned that residential and nursing homes are closing down at rapid speed. The BBC news have reported that one nursing home closes down every week in England alone. This means the number of beds available is falling dramatically. The Care Quality Commission reported that 73 homes cancelled their CQC registration in the first six months of 2016. Local Councils are relying increasingly on private companies to provide vulnerable people with care in their own homes. This is a strategic and reliable method going forward. Councils are also ensuring that equipment is available (often free of charge) to make it easier for people to be cared for at home.

Care providers providing hourly care or fifteen-minute care visits are also reporting that they are struggling, as councils cut budgets. This creates an ongoing staffing crisis as they simply cannot afford to pay above the minimum wage. News reports also indicate that many care providers have handed back their contracts as they struggle to meet the demand.

We believe Live-in Care is the way forward and offers a realistic alternative to a nursing or residential home:

Why Paramount Live -in Care?

With many years’ experience in the home care sector, our team offers the highest standard of support available for you and your family. Unlike many other care providers, we specialise exclusively in live-in care services, and believe that such focus enables us to truly listen to individual client’s needs. We insist upon the highest standards from all our team, and ensure that you are always treated with dignity and respect. It is imperative that the person helping and supporting you carries out the tasks the way you want.

We are fully registered and regulated by The Care Quality Commission and fully insured.

Ten more reasons to choose home care with Paramount Live-in Care:

Paramount Live-in Care was established to provide high quality care and support for adults of all ages, from the comfort of their own home.